Quite Simply… We Transform Entrpreneurs Into… C.R.U. Masters!

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Education Is Entrepreneurship

Whether you dream of working in the corner office or pioneering the next generation of trailblazers; your success starts and ends with education! Credit Repair University seeks to combine the innovations of technology with the traditions of business academics to provide a comprehensive foundation for the entrepreneur of tomorrow!

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Participate in the CRU Master Experience

“Social Online Learning” for business performance! Our Coaches and Mentors provide the flexibility you need to successfully balance school with the demands of work, family, and building a business.

"Make" The Business Work FOR you. Not the other way around!
"Manage" your business systems, Manage your brand!
"Multiply" your business to 10X potential and beyond!
Our University

A Spirit Of Cooperation

At C.R.U. we always seek to enter into a “Spirit of Cooperation” with others! That’s why we’re inviting you to schedule a special type of meeting! The purpose is to vibe, chat and really learn from one another to see if we can work together and build a strong partnership, utilize each-other’s attributes and make $$$ TOGETHER!

Our University

What Does Your Business Future Look Like?

The future looks like YOU & ME! This is why we aim to close the mentoring gap and drive equity through quality mentoring relationships for all age of entrepreneur. Potential is equally distributed; OPPORTUNITY is not. We are diverse, innovative and brilliant!. We are driving force of the economy and for our families everywhere! Come and join us and let us shape the future together!

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